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If you would like us to recommend a product to you based on your unique circumstances then please answer the following questions as accurately as possible.  It may be an idea to take a digital photo of the areas in question and send them to us - please ensure file size is less that 50k per photo.

Your name:


Your email address:

We cannot reply without this

Do you have electricity in your garage ?


Do you plan to DIY install ?

What's involved ?


If you want us to install the opener, where are you based ?


What door type to you have ?

Don't know

What width is the door ?


What height is the door ?


What is the door made of ?


Is the door part glazed ?


Door manufacturer ? Leave blank if unknown


Do you have an occupied room above the garage ?


Is the noise of the operator a problem ?


Is the door gear running smoothly ?  If not comment below.

Get quote for replacement parts

Water leaks in the roof ?


Do you have rear access to your garage ?


Is the light in your garage in line with the centre of the door ?
If so, measure the distance between the light and the door lintel.
Can the light be moved easily ?



What is the smallest gap between the ceiling and the top edge of the door as it is opened ?



Is there a restriction in the length of the operator, eg loft hatch, beam, etc ?  If so what is the distance available ? (The rail must be horizontal)



If you have a canopy door what is the clearance between your car as it drives in and the fully opened door ?

What type of door do I have ?

If you would like us to call you to discuss details and products please enter your telephone number (optional)

Any other issues for us to take into consideration ?

Thank you for your time in preparing and sending this questionnaire. 

We will recommend a product to you giving you a summary of the reasons why, and where possible we will advise you of suitable alternatives.  Our profit margins will not effect the recommendation that you will receive.

We will respond within 48 hours - or sooner.